Building a strong and resilient relationship with China

New Zealand’s relationship with China is critical to our prosperity and wellbeing. The New Zealand China Council works to ensure the relationship reaches its full potential and remains strong and resilient, now and in the future.



Shipley keen to leverage Boao appointment

Former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley wants New Zealand firms to take advantage of her appointment to the board of the Boao Forum, which is made up of global political and commercial leaders, to seek…

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China’s growing middle class puts society before GDP

One of the things I love most about China is that whenever you see a traffic jam there’s always an old bloke on an impossibly rickety bicycle picking his way through the chaos. It…

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China’s economic story a cliff-hanger

Shanghai stock market has soared 68% in the past six months despite the concerns of some economists. ‘Young and fabulous,’ it says on the teenager’s T-shirt, in big gold letters. If it is meant…

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